new era
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You can change the world for the better.​

We are driven by a desire to positively impact the world. Therefore, we are committed to using our expertise in chemical engineering to create leading hydrogen-technologies and build a greener future for generations to come. By providing our employees the autonomy to explore their full potential, everyone takes charge of their careers. As we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we are always on the move, and looking for people who share our passion for innovation. Become part of thyssenkrupp nucera: new era is you.

Autonomy to create the
new era

Bringing big ideas to life requires an open mind, confidence and the determination to take it beyond the beaten track. That's why we give our bright minds the trust, autonomy and freedom they need to develop their full potential.


We are bringing a greener future closer to today. Climate change is a fatal by-product of industrial processes we want to replace as soon as possible. With a clear focus on leading technologies and a future beyond fossil energy.

Team up for
a new era

We are all partners in crime regarding our ambitious goals – working on something great in an atmosphere of mutual appreciation unifies us. We create, celebrate and transform together. And the best part of it: The bigger the challenge, the bigger the party afterwards.

Diversity as a
game changer

Diversity makes the difference. It is more than the nice caption in a Code of Conduct. We live it. Diverse backgrounds, ages and experiences are the secret ingredient that make us grow - as a company and as individual human beings.


A successful career is more than an impressive CV. We bring the good address with international appeal. But we also offer the jobs that allow for personal and professional development. Laying stepping stones for the next career level.


We operate in a dynamic supply driven market. The strong demand backs us up in what we do - and makes our work challenging and exciting. As one of our employees puts it: "It's nice to be the pretty girl at the dance, for once."


Innovation is not only about managing the current business, but also about constantly exploring how one's resources can innovate future markets. That is what we did with our expertise in chlorine-alkali electrolysis: Now we explore green hydrogen in the front row.

Strong roots for a global mission

Quality prevails in the long run, always. We have the expertise of more than 50 years, enriched with the knowledge and experience of three global electrolysis experts. Our pioneering spirit now makes a difference all over the world.

Coin the transformation

We are in the middle of a transformation - not just of an industry, but of the entire economy. We are growing with our tasks, which is why we want to break new ground. We are on the way to form up - be the one who shapes us.


We are fascinated by science, driven by innovation. Electrolysis technology is not rocket science, but close. We are proud of developing the technology of a new era. With the best combination of skills and equipment under one company roof. Working on stuff your science teachers only dreamt of.
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faces of new era

Meet the team behind our vision to shape a new era and learn what’s so special about it.

Become part of the new era.​

We are ready to do pioneering work. With our chemical engineering DNA, we have built the solid basis for a technology that is to become a leading partner in the energy market.  This is no more “business  as  usual”. This is a huge opportunity and a promise to our  future. This is a strong belief and our leading purpose for the next generation. Join us!
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Important to us

Candidate Experience

Get to know your direct superior in the job interview and meet thyssenkrupp nucera at eye level.

Compensation & Benefits

Feel safe in a financial comfort zone through fair working conditions and competitive pay and benefit from several programs, e. g. the mobility program with jobrad, charging stations or job tickets.

Employee Engagement

Work in an agile environment and gain the autonomy your expertise deserves - through management backing and trust in your ideas.

Start, learn
& grow

Take part in our buddy program for an easy start at thyssenkrupp nucera and grow steadily through open development talks and E-learning programs.

& Space

Profit from a wholesome office concept in Dortmund, which is need-oriented with breakout rooms, quiet areas and modern technology as well as from a flexible working concept: remote and flextime.

& Guidance

Take advantage of strong Leadership Principles, e.g. 360-degree feedback processes and be always in the loop through formats that ensure the information flow.

Team Spirit

Work in global locations and with multinational teams and feel enriched by a diverse and growing team, that also gets together for fun and inspiring team events.

Fulfilling Tasks

Operate in the front row of a fast-moving and impactful innovations in hydrogen, but above all: Work towards a future that doesn't continue to fuel the climate change.

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employees worldwide

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We are
shapers. enablers. co-creators. realizers.

Frequently asked questions

You’ve found one or more suitable jobs? We are happy to hear that – let´s go and apply now. Do you have further questions? Then you are welcome to check our “frequently asked questions” or contact us.
Once you found a position that excites you, apply directly online or use one of the other application methods mentioned in the job ad. If you have all your information at hand, this will only take you a few minutes. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a confirmation that we have received your application. If you apply via email, we will confirm receipt within a few days. In total, the overall hiring process usually takes around six weeks, but this can vary depending on the job and the location to which you apply.
Our recruiters will carefully review your application and qualifications and get in touch with you to discuss details if necessary. The recruiter will then forward your application to the colleagues in the department to which you are applying. They will review your professional qualifications and check them against the job description. You will receive feedback from us as soon as possible on how we will proceed with your application.

If we think that you, the selected position and our company might be a good match for each other, we will invite you to a first personal or virtual interview via Microsoft Teams. During the interview, we will talk about your professional background and get to know each other better to determine if we are a good fit for one another. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the company, the team, or the specifics of the position. At the end of our first meeting, we will discuss next steps and the remaining timeline of the hiring process.

Once we have made our decision, we will notify you immediately and discuss the contract offer details. As soon as this is sorted and all relevant committees have given their approval, you are ready to start as our new colleague at thyssenkrupp nucera! Should our decision not be in your favor, we will also notify you as soon as possible.

Would you like to shape the new era with us?

We are growing as the agile team that combines and unleashes the power of the most experienced specialists and the most passionate young experts. Do you want to join us?